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A personal page for Art students on the Saatchi Gallery website

stuart2The Saatchi Gallery has launched STUART, a new resource on the gallery website where art students can have their own page to display their work. The aim is to provide a forum for showcasing their art and making connections with other students, dealers, curators and collectors all over the world. This is a free service, with no costs involved. This is the link to the site: once you have opened the home page click just below the main picture to register yourself and start to create a personal profile with your interests and your works: videos, photos, images, texts, etc. This is an example of what you can do: a sort of myspace but only for Art students.
Last year the Saatchi Gallery launched Your Gallery, a free site for all galleries that wish to post the works of their artists. STUART on the contrary does not involve galleries, but it is meant exclusively for Art students.
Stuart has received worldwide press coverage including the New York Times, the Independent and the The Sunday Times.

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