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A personal page for Art students on the Saatchi Gallery website

The Saatchi Gallery has launched STUART, a new resource on the gallery website where art students can have their own page to display their work. The aim is to provide a forum for showcasing their art and making connections with other students, dealers, curators and collectors all over the world. This is a free service, […]

Una pagina personale per gli studenti d’arte sul sito della Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery ha lanciato STUART, una nuova risorsa presente sul sito della nota galleria che fornisce a tutti gli studenti d’arte, ma anche a quelli di moda, di design, di arti applicate e dello spettacolo, l’opportunità di creare una pagina web personale per presentare i loro lavori. L’intento è quello di realizzare un forum per […]

Bard college – Gennaio 2007

Questo è il saluto per gli studenti del Bard College, alla fine del loro corso presso l’Accademia del Giglio

“Due parole per salutarvi tutti e ringraziarvi di essere stati con noi in questo gennaio primaverile. In queste tre settimane di studio “matto e disperatissimo” Roberto e io siamo rimasti molto soddisfatti del vostro impegno […]

Video: Bard College students in Siena

On Saturday 20th 2007 Bard college students went for their third one-day trip to Siena with Lorenzo and Roberto, their teachers of Accademia del Giglio. This is the video of this excursion, the third one of a series regarding the Bard group at ADG in 2007. We reached Siena by train and we spent the […]

T like Trap: the Italian café

Unfortunately, Italy is also a country full of little traps and scams of all kinds. Today, we speak of “traps” at the café, and above all, how to avoid them. If you are visiting a city in Italy and want to rest, sit, have a coffee, ice tea, or whatever you feel like — […]

Dante’s nose and his mother tongue

The news is just a few days old,, the real face of Dante has been reconstructed by technicians from the virtual reality laboratory of the second faculty of engineering of the University of Bologna, in Forlì. The motive for doing so is always the same, did Dante really have that famous aquiline nose and […]

The Medicis Dinasty: Piero the Gouty

Piero de’ Medici, the son of Cosimo the Elder, was born in Florence in 1416 and became the Lord of Florence in 1464, but his patronage had a brief duration, only 6 years from 1464 to 1469, when he died after a long period of illness. His nickname, “the Gouty”, was due to the gout, […]

F Like Flood and Florence

However much one loves Florence and its legacy, one cannot avoid of forgeting a date that remains indelibly written in the history of this city: November 4, 1966.

It was a dramatic day that has marked the history of not just the city of lilies and its heritage, but also millions of people around […]

Un nuovo manuale di lettura e scrittura creativa

Segnaliamo l’uscita di un nuovo libro, un manuale per imparare a leggere e scrivere in modo creativo. Si intitola Narrazione e invenzione – Manuale di lettura e scrittura creativa. Gli autori del volume sono tre: Simone Giusti, vecchio amico e collaboratore dell’Accademia del Giglio, Federico Batini e Gabriel Del Sarto. Come si deduce dal titolo, […]

The Struffoli – a Neapolitan recipe

This is a simple dessert using few ingredients. It was dear to the heart of many people from Naples. It came to be prepared for occasions such as national holidays. It has a slightly strange name: “struffoli”. It is said that the name was derived from the Greek word, “strongulos”, which means “large round […]