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How to get your permit of stay – new procedures

marca da bolloFrom now on you if you are a non European student and if you wish to apply for a permit of stay in Italy, things should be easier (and more expensive). Let’s see how it works. so, you have just arrived in our country and you are going to study for a period of over 3 months in an Italian university or in an officially recognized school, like Accademia del Giglio. Within 8 days after your arrival date you are requested to go to a post office and ask for a permit of stay kit, envelope with yellow stripe: for non-EU citizens. Please note: applications can be submitted only to some authorized post offices, so in order to know which is the nearest office entitled to accept your application, go to, look for “office search” and select the item “permesso di soggiorno”.
Now, you have your kit, where you will find the application form. Fill it out accurately and then prepare the following documentation:
photocopies of your entire passport;
letter of acceptance issued by your school or university in Italy;
– copy of your health insurance;
– one 14,25 Euro revenue stamp (marca da bollo);
– copy your visa issued by the Italian embassy in your country;
– copy of receipt of payment of €27.50 for issue of the residence permit on electronic medium.

When all the above-mentioned items are ready, you can take them to the post office, where you will be requested to pay 30 Euro and you will be given a registered letter receipt (mod.22A), which contains your user ID and your password (in case you wish to track down your application on line).
Finally, after a few weeks you should receive a letter, which will invite you to call to the Immigration Office. On this occasion you will be requested to produce 4 passport-size photos.

As for the health insurance we normally recommend INA ASSITALIA: this is a rather unexpensive insurance, and all Italian embassies accept it. Cost: six months 49 Euro, one year 98 Euro. You can buy it at any post office through a “bollettino postale” (a sort of postal payment form). Here is the data you should use to fill out the “bollettino”: C/C postale n. 71270003, payment to (intestato a) INA Assitalia Agenzia Generale di Roma “conto 20″ via del Tritone 18 , 00187 Roma. Please do not forget to specify on the form the name of the city you will be living during your stay in Italy and the reason of your payment, that is “polizza sanitaria stranieri”.

Special thanks to our Japanese student Arisa who helped us to clarify this rather entangled matter.

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