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Novembre 2012

Painting decoration workshop next spring and summer in Florence

Malachite effect

Accademia del Giglio, (Art school in the heart of Florence, Italy) is organizing next spring and summer three seminars on decoration techniques on the following dates:

May 6th – 10th 2013
July 22nd – 26th 2013
September 23rd – 27th 2013

This intensive seminar is aiming at unveiling to the students all the secrets for a perfect handiwork with the with the effect of marble, wood and semiprecious stones (such as onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli, etc.).

The workshop is meant to those artists whose aim is to discover the fundamentals of this creative technique, add it to their curriculum and enrich their artistic experience.


You will get started with the choice of the supporting material that you prefer or that meets with your requests. This can be either wood or cardboard or metal.

You will then learn to settle on the most appropriate treatment for the material which can be ready for the decoration only if it undergoes an overlay and protection process.

You will also determine which kind of painting technique (either water or oil) suits better the treated material so as to create the desired effect.

By making different trials and experiment you will eventually obtain decorations with various effects, such as the marble or the wood effect, or even the “trompe l’ oeil”.

You will also have the opportunity to make decorations on walls by adopting both the fresco or the drybrush technique.

Our Art teacher will follow you step by step through the different phases of your work, up to the laying of the final film of painting, which will render perfectly the effect you wanted.

Classes will be held by Ms Francesca Faggi.

For enrolments and more detailed information about our Drawing and Painting Seminars and Art courses in Florence, please visit our webpage or contact the admission office at adg.assistance(@)

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