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Combined Art course: study the technique you like

combined art workshop

The Combined Art Workshop is ideal either for students who still have little practice and wish to become acquainted with the basis of the traditional Art techniques, but also for those experienced students who are determined to improve and enrich their portfolio.

It’s an open Art workshop, which allows you to combine 2 and half hours of private tuition in the morning with the lessons of the group course held in the afternoon. You can decide to focus on one or two techniques during the private lessons, i.e.: sanguine and charcoal drawing, watercolour, tempera, acrylic, oil glazing, etc.

This course is normally held for a week, from Monday to Thursday for a total of 6 hours of tuition per day (but in the morning after the end of the lesson the student can carry on his/her artworks and on Friday he/she can take advantage of our open studio), however, it is also possible to take this workshop for two or more weeks or even add more private lessons according to the student’s needs.

In addition students can also demand to arrange a tailored programme on a more specific technique or a particular subject. So for your special requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

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