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Gennaio 2010

A traditional Tuscan recipe: the Ribollita

La Ribollita is one of the most renowned dishes in the Tuscan cuisine, Florentine in particular. Though being a plain dish, it is made with simple ingredients that belong to the peasant class and fill up the stomach at little cost: bread, beans and vegetables.

For our recipe, the following is needed:
300 grams of fresh, already-shelled Cannellini or Borlotti beans (or dry beans softened for one night in water);
1 black cabbage (please do not use any other type of cabbage!);
2 potatoes;
2 onions;
1 carrot;
1 stalk of celery;
a small bunch of chard;
• a little bit of tomato concentrate;
Tuscan bread (that is without salt);
extra-virgin olive oil;
• and salt to taste!.

1. boil the beans and puree ¾ of them;
2. sauté the onions, celery and carrot in a pan, mincing them together. When they are brown, add the tomato concentrate (lightly watered down), the potatoes (chopped into small pieces), the chard, and the cabbage (sliced into strips);
3. salt then leave to cook in the covered saucepan for 15 minutes;
4. add in the puree of beans and cook for another hour;
5. add the bread, sliced and continue the cooking for another 10 minutes, stirring well so that the dish does not stick to the side of the pan;
6. take off of the stove and leave to sit for a day.

Reboil it and serve lukewarm. Flavour it with good oil.

Post translated by Ian and Nicole. The Italian version is here.

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