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Febbraio 2009

Street food in Italy: how to eat good food with little money

In these times of recession and therefore of frugality street food is getting more and more popular all over the world. In Italy it has actually always been widespread and celebrated especially by several village festivals, most of which are often dedicated to a particular dish or delicacy (the so-called “sagre“). As you may know, every Italian region has its own recipes, and consequently every region has its own street food. Inexpensive, genuine, delicious, there are several reasons why Italian people and tourist love it.
In Emilia Romagna for example you can taste the “piadina romagnola”, a round flat bread, which is served hot folded and filled with what you like (normally cheese and ham).
Florence is famous for its “panino col lampredotto“, a sandwich filled with boiled and chopped cow’s stomach and a spicy parsley sauce (“salsa verde“).
Livorno has the “cecina“, a sort of flat bread made with chickpea flour.
If you are in Rome try the “supplì“, fried rice balls with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce inside.
In Naples the first pizzas were served almost two centuries ago probably as a kind of street food and this is one of the reasons why pizza has become so popular all over the world.
In some southern regions in many markets and fairs you will find the “mussu” (boiled sliced pork and veal face with lemon and olive oil)
As for Palermo do not miss this entertaining and interesting episode of “street food” with Barbara Serra:


A more comprehensive map of street food in Italy is here. Last but not least, do not forget that prices for all kinds of street food generally vary from 3 to 5 Euro!

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