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Comparison between a Cimabue’s work and a Giotto’s work: main characteristics.

Pala Rucellai We are happy to post this brief article written by 5 students from Lycée Flora Tristan, who are currently attending an intensive programme of Italian Language, History of Art and Fashion at Accademia del Giglio in Florence, in the frame of European Leonardo da Vinci project.

We are a French group: we come from the Lycée Flora Tristan in Montereau Fault Yonne where we study fashion and textiles. We have been staying in Florence for 5 weeks, including one week in the Accademia del Giglio where we have lessons of the history of costume and Italian lessons too.

What are the main characterisics of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance? We studied the Pala Rucellai by Cimabue (1285-85) and the Pala Ognissanti by Giotto (1314 ca) and we noticed that in Cimabue’s, there was no expression and static figures in the space, the organisation of the painting was very symmetric too. There was no perspective and no depth either. In

Giotto’s piece of work, we could see an expression on people’s face, there was more perspective and more depth. The faces were individually painted. There were brighter colours and it was more lifelike. Bodies were more precise, accurate.Pala Ognissanti

This article was written by Marie-Agnès, Laetitia, Vanessa, Elodie, Amandine.

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