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The sanguine drawing workshop

sanguine drawing classesThe third intensive Art workshop that Accademia del Giglio offers next summer approaches the main sanguine drawing and classical techniques.

A full immersion in the ancient technique of sanguine and charcoal, a voyage of discovery of the renaissance drawing, from Botticelli to Leonardo, from Michelangelo to Raffaello.

The natural sanguine chalk originally comes from some mines in Italy and, according to the majority of the artists, it is ideal for a more subtle and accurate drawing.

Participants who start from scratch will study the fundamentals of anatomy and will practise drawing proportions both of a body and of a face on a paper sheet.

The more skilled students will on the contrary have the opportunity to acquire this traditional technique and perfect it at their best, by polishing their style and experimenting the potentialities of this long-established art.

Two life models and copies of classical drawings will be available throughout the workshop. Students will focus especially on the effect of light and shade (“the chiaroscuro”) as well as on gradations and nuances. The lessons will be integrated with conversations on art history. At the end of the course participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

The workshop has a duration of 5 days and will be held from July 14th to July 18th 2008 (Monday to Friday), for a total amount of 30 hours of tuition.

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