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One day drawing and painting in Florence

Sketching and water color painting in a garden of Florence

Sketching and water color painting in a garden of Florence

A day in Florence and its surroundings dedicated to Fine Arts. Have you ever dreamt of it?

One-day Art classes are meant for those who have little time to spend in Florence but they like to experience an intensive day of Art in Florence and the Chianti area.
One-to-one or very small group classes are held both in English and in Italian over the week and the weekends. Students can take their lessons in the squares and streets of Florence, in its beautiful surroundings and in the famous Chianti hills.
For individuals and very small groups the programme and the schedule of these courses can be totally tailored to their needs and interests.

Two options are on offer:

A. One-Day Drawing and Painting in Florence and/or in its surroundings
This is a very in-depth course conceived for those artists who, while spending a day in Tuscany, wish to be immerged in the Renaissance atmosphere, drawing and painting under the supervision and guidance of our experienced Art teachers.
During this course students will have the opportunity to choose and practice various drawing and painting techniques, such as graphite, charcoal, pastel, water-colour, acrylic, oil.
En plein air sessions can take place along the Arno river, in the ancient squares and in the “secret” gardens of Florence, away (but not far) from the madding touristic crowd. We can advice you on where to paint and draw before the lesson starts but you can also decide your destination on the day of your lesson.

B. One-Day Drawing and Painting on the Chianti hills
This is a very special course that will take you for a full day in the Chianti area, between Florence and Siena. You will take sketches of the marvellous Tuscan countryside or you will paint breathtaking “scorci”.
A private car will take you and your Art teacher on and around the Chianti hills: you will have the opportunity to draw in a relaxed atmosphere and to achieve some artworks that you will take home and maybe use to get inspired in the future.
Our Art teachers will help students to develop their observation abilities while reproducing a natural landscape. Students may choose to approach and practice one or more techniques according to their skills and preferences, such as charcoal, pastel, oil.

One-day Art sessions can be recommended both to Art novices and to experienced artists and professionals.

For more detailed information, please visit our webpage or contact the admission office at or by telephone +39 055 2302467    

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