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Sketchbook in Florence and Landscape Art Workshops 2012

This summer Accademia del Giglio will organize 3  Sketchbook and landscape workshops in Florence and in its surroundings on the following dates:

June 25th – 29th 2012

August 13th – 17th 2012

The Sketchbook and Landscape Workshop has been conceived for those students who wish to discover (or rediscover) in a week the poetry and the magic of Florence, with its renaissance buildings and its skyline dominated by the enthralling cathedral dome, as well as the relaxing atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside, with its vineyards and olive groves. The aim of the course is to help the student to create a sketchbook with unforgettable memories of the historic city and its pastoral surroundings.


The course can be recommended both to Art novices and to experienced artists and professionals who intend to familiarize with the freehand drawing as well as with the perspective sketch. During outdoor sessions students will learn how to draw and paint landscapes and architectural elements, such as squares, medieval towers, churches and narrow streets. The following techniques can be chosen: pencilwater colouroil painting and pastel. Practice will concentrate mainly on the use of colour and on the perspective method.

The workshop has a duration of 5 days, Monday to Friday, for a total amount of 32 hours of tuition, and it includes a one-day excursion by private bus in the countryside of the Chianti hills.

More summer workshops 2012, infos, detailed informations for enrolments and lot more on AdG webpage.

More pictures from the Sketchbook and Landscape course are here and here.

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