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Aprile 2012

The Portrait and Self-portrait Seminar at AdG School in Florence next summer

Accademia del Giglio, (Art school in the heart of Florence, Italy) is organizing a seminar on Portrait and Self-portrait techniques on the following dates:

  • May 21st – 25th 2012
  • July 9th – 13th 2012
  • August 20th – 24th 2012

This workshop will take place in our institute and will have a duration of 5 days, from Monday to Friday, for a total amount of 30 hours of tuition.

This course is mainly an intensive study of the physiognomy. Through making rapid strokes in pencil (or charcoal) students will learn how to portray the essential features of a human face, and through more elaborate drawings they will focus on details, on theeffect of light and shade (“the chiaroscuro”), as well as on the psychological value of facial expression.

Colour techniques will be then taught by using either pastel or oil or also acrylic. Students will acquire good skills and abilities for painting the shades of complexion, the position of hands and the glittering of the eyes, which most of the great artists used to consider the “soul’s mirror”.

Part of the workshop can also be dedicated to the self-portrait.

The workshop is meant not only for capable students who wish to improve their style and their creativeness, but also for those people whose aim is to discover the fundamentals of the portrait and its secrets. That is why most of the time during classes every student will be tutored individually.

Two life models and copies of classical portraits will be available throughout the workshop.

The seminar is taught both in Italian and in English.

For enrolments and more detailed information about our Drawing and Painting Seminars and Art courses in Florence, please visit our webpage or contact the admission office at adg.assistance(@)

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