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Gennaio 2010

10 ways to drink coffee in Italy

The Italian passion for coffee is known around the world. Almost every country has its own way of drinking coffee, and in our country there are many.
There are 10 ways at ordering coffee at a café (bar).
espresso 1. Caffè: the regular coffee, also known as espresso. This is served when one says ” a coffee, please”.
corretto2. Corretto: obtained from the mixture of coffee and a dose of grappa or another alcoholic liquor.
caffè lungo3. Lungo: prepared by the addition of more water than usual, this drink has more caffeine than the regular coffee. When served in a large cup, it is called an “americano”.
ristretto4. Ristretto o Basso: a very small coffee, sometimes just a few drops.
cappuccino5. Cappuccino: prepared in a large cup with coffee, milk and foam. Commonly consumed during breakfast. When the milk is not included, but rather bought separately it is called a “a caffellatte”.
shakerato6. Shakerato: prepared by adding very cold coffee and ice. One can drink it sweet or bitter.
macchiato7. Macchiato: derived from an ancient Milanese tradition, it consists of diluting coffee in a little milk. Served in a small cup.
mocaccino8. Mocaccino: a cappuccino with chocolate, sometimes served with added cocoa powder. Prepared in a transparent cup so that one can see the layers of coffee, chocolate and milk foam.
hag9. Hag: does not contain caffeine.
mocaccino10. Marocchino: resembles a small cappuccino, but is in reality prepared with coffee, cream and cocoa. Almost exclusive to Torino.

Post translated by Nicole and Shaheen. The Italian version is here.

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