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Classes in Specific Italian language at AdG

corsi specialistici di italianoThese courses aim to develop special linguistic skills and a specific terminology area. Classes are held on an individual basis (or in small groups) so the student will have lessons tailored to his/her personal language needs. The learning programme and the timetable can be fitted to the needs of the individual student. Our textbook will be integrated by other exhaustive documents and teaching material, whose accurate selection and presentation will be made by our teachers. A wide variety of real-life material such as, television programmes, newspapers and magazine extracts, as well as our blog articles will encourage the student to take part actively to the lessons.

Moreover, private lessons can also be carried on after your stay in Florence has finished, since you will be given the opportunity to keep in touch with your teacher through Skype or MSN Messenger.

Students can take either the below recommended study modules or ask for more made-to-measure lessons whose aim is always to meet with the students’ wants.

Business Italian
This course aims to improve students’ communication skills by means of close analysis of international affairs and management-related topics. It also intends to make the student familiar with the commonest situations inside an Italian company, as well as specific texts of business Italian.

Italian and the Tourist Industry
This course provides students with essential skills which enable them to understand and write texts and letters in relation to tourism-related topics, and to enhance their communication skills. It covers a range of work areas (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies) and focuses on the employees dealing with customers in a variety of typical situations.

Italian and the Fashion Industry
This course normally consists of three parts: the first part is devoted to specific terminology, the second part to Italian fashion and the last part to a discussion on the binary concepts of fashion and society.

Italian for cooking
This course addresses to those who are eager to approach the study of gastronomic sciences. It is ideal for those who wish to become familiar with Italian food and beverages as well as improve cooking terminology with ease and accuracy, both orally and in writing.

Translation English-Italian/Italian-English
This course approaches the techniques of translation by examining a large collection of texts and by focusing on the translation of idiomatic expressions, as well as of literary excerpts, business articles and short scientific essays. Reference books: Cento Passi da tradurre a cura di Edwige Schulte, Liguori Editore; Translation revisited, a cura di Nicholas Brownlees e John Denton, edizioni Cremonese.

Examination Preparation
Preparation to official exams testing the student’s knowledge of the Italian language, i.e. CILS or CELI exams.

Preparatory courses for Italian Universities
Preparatory courses to the admission language and culture exams for the most important Italian universities and academies.

Italian for teachers
This course has been conceived for those teachers of Italian as a foreign language who wish to improve their quality of teaching, acquire updated information on Italy and its culture, as well as learn and experiment new teaching methods for their future language classes. Please visit this page for the detailed programme (in Italian).

Detailed programmes and informations on Specific Italian language courseson AdG website.

If you wish to have an idea of what our classes are like, you may watch the following video.

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