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Crash Courses of Italian (in the weekend)

crash courses italianThese courses offer a unique opportunity to learn the maximum amount of Italian in the shortest possible time. Classes are normally held at weekends, but can also be taken on weekdays or on different dates, for example on a series of Saturdays or Sundays, either once per week or once per fortnight. The number of hours can be modified since the crash course is designed to be built around the student’s schedule. It is possible to attend a 1-day course (6 or 8 hours), a 2-day course (12 or 16 hours) or a 3-day course (18 or 24 hours). It is also possible to spend part of the lessons visiting some of the most important museums of Florence such as Uffizi, the Bargello National Museum or the National Academy Gallery. Each Crash Course is held by 2 experienced and qualified teachers.

Students can design their own schedule and programme with us, by also choosing some of the following modules:

· Prepositions and verbs
· Pronouns and verbs
· Specific Italian
· Business Italian
· Italian through Literature
· The use of the subjunctive
· Italian and the fashion industry
· Italian through the study of History of Art
· Conversation Italian
· Italian through the movies
· Grammar reassess

Crash Courses of Italian are available at Accademia del Giglio School in Florence, Italy. More detailed informations and the application form for Crash Courses of Italian are available on the AdG site.

2 comments to Crash Courses of Italian (in the weekend)

  • Lawrence Obura Lemor

    Dear Sir,
    I have an interest to learn Italian Language, but due to financial situation, I couldn’t have a chance to it . So, I would be very grateful if you can sponsor me.

  • Lorenzo Capanni

    Dear Lawrence,

    For grants and scholarships we suggest you contact the nearest Italian cultural institute or consulate/embassy in your country and enquire about it. Some EU associations may also offer sponsorship in Language learning. Good luck!

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