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New MySpace Friends: random picks

dorothy circusIt’s May and so far we have over 400 friends on MySpace! Everyday new interesting friends join us and it’s great to discover all this people from all over the world. all of them are so rich of creativity and most of them very talented. I wrote my previous two posts about MySpace on artists and photographers, selecting them according to my preferences. This time I want to make a random selection and I start with a brand new friend from Italy: the Dorothy Circus Gallery. This Gallery doesn’t actually exist yet, it is going to open in Rome on October 2007 in Via Nuoro, 17 in the frame of the ancient aqueduct. The aim of the creators of this gallery, Alexandra Mazzanti and Jonathan Pannacciò, is to spread the new art tendencies called “Lowbrow” or “Pop Surrealism” through the exposition of artworks by well known artists and less known ones, who are operating in the underground artistic area, connected to the street art as well as to the illustration experience. Such artists take their inspiration also by the pop and post-pop culture. Let’s keep an eye on them, it may be interesting.
marjorieMarjorie Labille is a young French artist. She writes intriguing poems and she paints too. She has won her first prize in 1994 and since then she has started to expose her paintings in France and in Germany. Last year she went to Laos to enrich her inspiration. Her subjects are female nudes, dancers and portraits of children: have a look at her paintings in her picture’s page.
kovaleskuKovalesku is a Polish journalist: she writes about contemporary art and culture in Polish daily newspapers. On her page she shows us some beautiful pictures of herself and her favourite street artworks. Here you can also see some music photographies.
A good place to make friends is definitelyItalian Americans, a page whose aim is to unite Italians and Americans on MySpace.italianamericans There you can meet many funny and strange people as well associations, musical groups and a lot more from Italy and the US. If you are interested in this subject have a look at this site with the same name: italianamericans. I don’t know if it’s the same thing but the aim of this site is quite similar. Although the site may seem not updated,arundhati the forum is still working and you may find some useful or funny discussions.
And last but not least I’m proud to introduce you a really famous friend, the Indian novelist Arundhati Roy: Booker Prize in 1997 for her first novel The God of Small Things and Sydney Peace Prize in May 2004 for her work in social campaigns and advocacy of non-violence. The official site of Arundathi where you can find a detailed bio-bibliography, writings, audio/video and lot more is here. For the news keep in touch with the MySpace blog.

2 comments to New MySpace Friends: random picks

  • hi!
    Yes please keep an eye on us ;)!
    Dorothy Circus Gallery is going to open on the 12th october with two consecutive group shows. The opening exhibition’s theme will be ” Stories From a Wonderland”, featuring artists such as jonathan Weiner, Damon Soule, Kathie Olivas, Sergio Mora, Tim McCormick, Josh Clay, Sarah Joncas, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ahren Hertel, Andy Fluon, Andrea Ambrogio, Jonathan Pannacciò.
    See you on October in Rome,
    And many thanks to AdgBlog!

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