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Aprile 2007

MySpace’s photographers: Melissa Mercier, Stef De La Vega, [déclencheur souple] and Nophotography.

melissa bridgeOur MySpace’s friends are multiplying day by day. At the moment I am counting 315 friends, 100 more since last week post! One of the most interesting new friends is definitely the Canadian photographer Melissa Mercier, a camera professional. Her pictures mostly tell us about space and buildings. Her main subjects are immersed in a cold environment of white/grey air, such as the smoke of a chimney or a cloud. Sometimes in the deep blue of the sky you can see suspended geometrical perspectives of bridges. Rarely you may find the natural green of the grass or of a tree behind a metal net or beside the concrete. Human shapes are hardly retraceable. Some pictures are on her MySpace page and some other on her webpage where you can buy it. It is also possible to buy them on IPN. Moreover, do not miss her blog where she frequently add new photos. A biography of Melissa can be found here.
Another interesting photographer is Stef De La Vega. stef de la vegaUnlike Melissa Stef’s favourite subject is the human body. He prefers to work in the studio instead of outdoor and he uses mainly female models. He takes deep portraits and shots of bodies in different positions (but very few nudes) with an accurate study of the lights and shadows. His pictures on MySpace and on his website.
After these two photographers you then may find worth a visit the space of [déclencheur souple] a French association (from Aquitaine), whose aim is the “use of the pictures in a cultural, educative or artistic project”. The page is quite recent so you can see few but interesting pictures. In addition to that you can also read news and updates about the association and its plans and ideas on their blog.
Finally I would like to introduce you to nophotography, an Irish stock photography agency. nophotographylogoOn their myspace page there are not many shots but if you visit their site you can enter their image library store with a large stock of pictures, which have been classified according to different thems such as towns, plants and flowers, landscapes and seascapes, objects and lots more. The downloading as well as the use of these pictures is not free.
The picture on the top is by Melissa Mercier, the one on the right is by Stef De La Vega.

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