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Luglio 2024

Pictures/Foto from the ADG Art studio, April/Aprile 2015

Pictures taken during our April 2015 Art classes at Accademia del Giglio: Fresco, Painting, Sgraffito, Watercolor, Sculpture…

Alcune foto scattate durante i corsi d’arte di Accademia del Giglio a aprile 2015: affresco, pittura, sgraffito, acquerello, scultura…

Fresco painting


Long term academic course of Visual Arts

The entire course has an overall duration of 2 academic years (72 weeks), during which students will approach, learn and practice the different techniques for drawing, painting, art graphics, illustration and comics. Every year students will thoroughly attend 504 hours of tuition.

AdG school created a two-year study programme whose aim is to provide the […]

Art Seminars in Florence: winter 2008/2009. Classical drawing and painting techniques

Next Art Seminars and Workshops during this winter 2008/2009 offered by Accademia del Giglio, Art school in Florence. Each workshop lasts 5 days for a total of 30 hours of lessons.

Life Drawing Seminars This course deals with visual understanding by direct observation of the human body and it includes the acquisition of basic notions […]

Drawing and painting classes in Florence

Art classes start on each Monday at Accademia del Giglio in the centre of Florence. Classes will be taught both in English and in Italian by a qualified Art teacher, in the Art studio of the school.

The complete course in Art is divided into 9 units (from unit A to unit I) and lasts […]

Next Art Workshop and Seminars, summer-autumn 2008

Next Art Workshops and Seminars during summer and autumn 2008 offered by Accademia del Giglio, Art school in Florence:

Sketchbook in Florence and landscape August 25th – 29th 2008 The aim of the course is to help the student to create a sketchbook with unforgettable memories of the historic city and its pastoral surroundings. During […]

Artworks by Ellinor Gustafsson

Ellinor Gustaffson, from Sweden, attended four units of our Drawing and Painting course. We are now glad to show on adgblog some of the artworks she made during her course. More drawings by Ella are on this video shot during the last student exhibition.





Pictures from the Art Studio/Foto dello studio d’arte

Pictures taken in the Art Studio of Accademia del Giglio in Florence during the courses in Painting and Drawing techniques.

Foto dello studio dell’Accademia del Giglio di Firenze fatte durante i corsi di disegno e pittura.