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Luglio 2008

Next Art Workshop and Seminars, summer-autumn 2008

Next Art Workshops and Seminars during summer and autumn 2008 offered by Accademia del Giglio, Art school in Florence:

Sketchbook in Florence and landscape
August 25th – 29th 2008
The aim of the course is to help the student to create a sketchbook with unforgettable memories of the historic city and its pastoral surroundings. During outdoor sessions students will learn how to draw and paint landscapes and architectural elements, such as squares, medieval towers, churches and narrow streets.

Watercolor workshop
September 15th – 19th 2008
An in-depth approach to the watercolor technique, a full immersion in the soft and delicate colors of the Florentine buildings, a study of light tones along the river Arno and its historical bridges.

Life Drawing Seminar
October 13th – 17th 2008
This course deals with visual understanding by direct observation of the human body and it includes the acquisition of basic notions of anatomy as well as the methodology used to draw bodies and faces. On every session students will draw from either female or male models posing in the nude.

Combined Art workshop
Studying the technique you like… in the dates you prefer.
This is an open Art workshop, which allows you to combine 2 hours of private tuition in the morning with the lessons of the group course held in the afternoon. You can decide to focus on one or two techniques during the private lessons (i.e.: sanguine and charcoal drawing, watercolour, tempera, acrylic, oil glazing, etc.) and then either continue to study them in the core class or on the contrary switch to different artistic techniques always with the help of the teacher.

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