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New Art Workshops at AdG 2015: Illustration + Flower and Animal painting


AdG is glad to present you its 3 brand new intensive Art Workshops for 2015:

Flower Painting: bring on your canvas the ephemeral beauty of a flower, learn how to paint its colourful image, improve your artistic skills and express your creativity.

Animal Painting: Portray the beauty and tenderness of your favourite animal while enhancing your painting abilities and discovering your talent.

Illustration: For those who want to approach the art of illustration: all the fundamentals in order to tackle a career in this field and reach a personal style.

All the three courses are open to everybody, they have a duration of 5 days from Monday to Friday (30 hours of tuition in small group classes in total) and they are held by our qualified and experienced teachers.

For more detailed infos about programs, dates and prices, please visit the AdG Workshops page.

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Accademia del Giglio, Italian language courses and Art classes in Florence, Italy.

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