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Gennaio 2012

Study Italian at your teacher’s house: Home tuition!

Intensive, enjoyable and effective
If you are looking for something different – something special – then consider Home Italian. It is ideal for people who need to learn Italian language quickly, as it is very intensive. There are short courses for people with not much time and the dates are flexible. You can learn quickly because you spend more time talking to Italian native speakers and interact more with local people than on traditional Italian language courses. Most important is the flexibility to choose a teacher with the right experience for you and a friendly environment with shared interests as you.

What is Home Tuition
Home tuition is when a student stays in the home of his/her teacher. The student gets regular lessons from the teacher and these take place in the home. Home tuition is also sometimes called ‘homestay’ or ‘homestay teaching’. You get personal one-to-one teaching with a qualified, experienced teacher who is dedicated to helping you, and you get to know them very well. The lessons and materials are chosen exactly for your needs and level and they have been conceived to let you acquire a sound knowledge of the Italian language in a short period of time

Home Tuition is a good way to learn Italian
Home tuition is an excellent way to learn Italian because: you get plenty of opportunities to practice your Italian with support and encouragement both inside and outside the home. You are immersed in Italian and are learning naturally all the time. You use real Italian for real communication which gives you motivation, confidence and a real sense of achievement. You study intensively, but in a relaxed and friendly environment. You learn while you have delicious Italian meals or while you go out for shopping or for a walk with your teacher.

For further info and prices please refer to this page or contact or +39 055 2302467

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