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Art Classes at AdG. March 2010

The courses we offer at AdG, Italian language and Fine Arts school in Florence, Italy.

Drawing and Painting Courses: the complete course in Art is divided into 9 units (from unit A to unit I) and lasts 9 months. Students are however welcome to attend specific parts of the course (minimum 1 week). Courses normally start on the days specified in the school entry dates and take place in the afternoon.

Life Drawing Courses: this course deals with visual understanding by direct observation of the human body and it includes the acquisition of basic notions of anatomy as well as the methodology used to draw bodies and faces.

The Fresco Workshop: Fresco is one of the oldest painting techniques. It was invented by the Egyptians who later taught it to the Greeks. But it was only in the 14th century, thanks to the Italian painter Giotto, that the fresco technique gained more and more importance among the Fine Arts.

Preparatory course for the fine art academies: Accademia del Giglio has a very successful track record as the organiser of training courses aimed to help Italian and foreign students who take the Admission Exam to the Fine Arts Academies statali both in Florence and elsewhere.

Workshop – Summer 2010: We offer you for next summer 2010 workshops in sketchbook and landscape to (re)discover the poetry and the magic of Florence and its countryside; a classical portrait workshop to study the Master’s secrets; a sanguine and other classical drawing techniques, watercolor and life-drawing workshops.

Art Seminars – Winter 2009/2010: intensive seminars in Life Drawing, Fresco, Portrait and Self-portrait are offered for the this winter. Besides, a combined Art Workshop on a semi-individual basis is available throughout the year.

Drawing and Painting techniques in the week-end: these are real Art Crash courses, meant for those who have little time to concentrate on one or more artistic techniques. Very small classes or individual lessons are held both in English and in Italian over the weekends. Students can take their courses either in our Art studio or in the squares and streets of Florence.

Art Therapy & Art as Therapy: in this class, we will explore through hands-on exercises, readings, discussions, and individual and group workshops how art-as-therapy can provide the client-artist with critical insight into emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and how art can be both a way of knowing as well as a way of communicating.

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