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Fresco workshop and other Painting seminars in Florence

30 hours in 5 days: an intensive Art workshop in Fresco technique will take place at Accademia del Giglio School in Florence, from December 1st to 5th 2008. The teacher will guide the students through the different phases of this original and ancient technique. At the end of this short but very intensive workshop, students will have acquired the necessary skills for making a fresco on their own.

During the workshop the students will follow the essential steps to making a fresco: for example they will learn how to prepare the “arriccio” (the preliminary layer of plaster spread on the tile), the cardboard for the sinopia and the use of the pigments.

Art workshops at Accademia del Giglio will start again next year on January, from 12th to 16th 2009 with a Life Drawing Seminar: on every session students will draw from either female or male models posing in the nude. Next Portrait and Self-Portrait seminar will take place from February 2nd to 6th 2009.

For enrolments and more detailed information about our Drawing and Painting Seminars and courses in Florence, please visit our webpage or contact the secretary of the school at adg.assistance(@)

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