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Luglio 2008

From Florence to the Tuscan seaside by train and by bike

Are you based in Florence and do you feel like going to the seaside for a one-day trip? Do you like biking? If so I can suggest you this pleasant and inexpensive excursion from Florence, which may enjoy alone or with your friends. First of all buy a train ticket to Cecina for you and your bike, either at the railway station or at any travel agencies displaying the board “Ferroviedellostato” (prices for a one-way ticket may vary between 8 and 14 Euro according to the type of train you take). Make sure the train you have chosen can also carry bicycles. On the day you have planned your trip get to platform at least 10 minutes in advance so that you can ask the train attendant where you can store your bike on the train. Please note: For some train rides you may be requested to change at Livorno. Once you get off at Cecina railway station take one of the two cycling roads leading to “Cecina mare”: the shortest and also the shadowiest is the one along the main boulevard, “viale della Repubblica”, the nicest is definitely the one skirting the river (I suggest you print a Google map in order not to get lost). When you arrive to the sea you may hang around in one of the many cafés and restaurants of the promenade, “viale della Vittoria”, or head to the “pineta”, the pine-wood, where you can really enjoy riding your bicycle on several easy tracks leading you to more secluded beaches or up to the end, next sea-side resort, Marina di Bibbona. The pine-wood stretches along the sea for about 7-8 miles and and even in the hottest days it keeps a cool and dry climate. Its air is filled with the perfumes of the Mediterranean plants, whose names and qualities you will find explained in the WWF area . Needless to say that it is ideal for picnicking or for just a nap (if you can stand the ear-splitting cicada singing throughout the summer). In addition, two fountains with drinking water are at the gates of the park. To get back to Cecina station, please don’t forget that you must count at least a 30-40 minute bike-ride. I hope you enjoy this excursion and don’t forget your bathing suit, obviously!

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