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Aprile 2008

Who we are: something about AdG…

the school reception

Since 1995 Accademia del Giglio is a private school which is specifically aimed at helping international students to gain proficiency in the Italian language, understand the many aspects of Italian culture, as well as learn several drawing and painting techniques. Our school is accredited by:
– The Italian Ministry of Education through the “presa d’atto”;
– The Swedish National Board of Student Aid “CSN”;
– The American university Bard College as its Italian base for its abroad study programme.

In addition:
– Accademia del Giglio has received the “European Label 2007” . This Label is awarded each year to the most innovative language learning projects in the European Union. The Label is coordinated by the European Commission, and managed by the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education.
– Accademia del Giglio is the Italian base for the Flora Tristan High School (France), participating in the scheme of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, whose aim is to support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems.
– Other occasional but intensive co-operations have also been arranged with other institutes in the past few years, such asarte
Campion School (UK),
Otterbein College (Ohio, USA),
De La Salle Schulen Marianum (Austria),
Newman College (Australia),
Long Road Sixth Form College (Cambridge, UK),
Blakehurst High School (Sidney, Australia).
Our Lady of Mercy College (Melbourne, Australia).

The teaching staff of Accademia del Giglio:

– have contributed to the editing of the 2007 Itals bulletin, official review of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice;
– have been organizing training courses for teachers of Italian as a foreign language;
– are currently endeavouring to make use of modern teaching technologies both with school students and with distant learners.

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