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Internet against the mafia

libera terraWhen one thinks of Italy, one thinks, one also unfortunately thinks of the mafia. This word is probably and unfortunately one of the most exported of the entire peninsula. But what is truly known of this problem? The Italians themselves often settle the question by recognizing that it is a socio-economic curse but after all it is limited to certain regions for example Sicily and Naples (as we read these days in every newspaper). The foreigners then have an idea of the crime of the typical “Mafioso” through Hollywood; you see “the godfather” or the most recent television series, “The Sopranos”. Nothing is further from the truth. In order to discover here are some other sites of Italians committed to the fight against Mafia culture: site dedicated to journalist Peppino Impastato, victim of the Mafia, whose tragic story was told in a beautiful and moving film. In this site you will find his story, his writings and many testimonials of an honest and courageous Sicily. The site also talks about Impastato and here; you can read the beautiful poem “remember to remember”. is the site of the young Calabians who mobilized after the assassination of the vice-president of the Calabria Fortugno region. It’s full of news and updates and their motto is: “we are young men and women with different stories and walks of life but that want to create a path together for the real civil rescue of our land. We are young men and women and today we want to be the eyes, the mouth, the arms and the legs of Franco Fortugno and of all the honest people, that you, men of the Mafia believe you have killed.”
If we go to Naples instead we find a student blog where, for example, you can find the results of the poll of the same students and their conclusions were, “it’s true that 40% of young people interviewed don’t trust in the police force and that 71% thinks that the South of Italy has more criminals in respect to the rest of the country, it’s also true that only 26% of the people intend to leave their own city. This denotes a strong attachment to our land and if we consider that 63% of those interviewed considers that the Camorra (the Neapolitan mafia) is a phenomenon to fight, one understands how strong the will is to improve the situation.” instead, defends the writer Roberto Saviano, recently received death threats from the Camorra for having denounced the criminal affairs of the Camorriste family in Naples in his book “Gomorra”. finally, is the most famous site against the Mafia; it also has versions English and French. The section dedicated to the goods confiscated from the Mafia year by year is interesting.
After this exploration you will have less stereotypes of the Mafia and hopefully you will feel more empathy towards these communities commitments against the Mafia.

This article has been translated into English by Marissa, Anaeli, Molly, students from Bard College. The original article is in Italian.

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