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Dicembre 2007

Italian Language classes in 2008 at AdG school

logo giglio smallStill places available for the Italian language group courses starting on January 7th 2008. Courses will take place in the morning from Monday to Friday. Our courses are aimed at improving your Italian and they are carefully structured to develop your fluency and accuracy.
Non-beginner students can start their course on any Monday.
It is also possible to enrol in our super-intensive Italian language courses: these courses offer a combined programme of intensive Italian language followed by one-to-one tuition. Mornings are spent in the core class (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, proficiency). In the afternoon students take individual lessons and can choose from a number of special modules appropriate for their level.
In order to make lessons more stimulating and enjoyable at Accademia del Giglio we use a wide variety of real-life material such as, tv programmes, newspapers, magazine extracts, and our blog articles for foreign students.
To supplement the cultural and language programme our students can take advantage of a variety of leisure activities organized each week by our teachers, including watching films, evenings out and visits to the main Florentine museums, parties at school (check among our videos) as well as day trips to the Tuscan medieval towns such as Pisa, Siena, Lucca, etc.
If you wish to have an idea of what our classes are like, you may watch the following video. Other videos are on our blog.

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