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A lens on Squidoo about living and studying in Italy

italianFew days ago our colleague Lorenzo wrote a lens about living and studying in Italy and published it on Squidoo. On this interesting article he gives some suggestions before leaving to Italy. On the first part of the lens he gives some tips and advice, i.e. if you are planning to spend few weeks in Italy you should know something more about our country and maybe learn few but useful words: this is important in order to avoid the culture shock. He gives also bureaucratic suggestions for example in order to get a student visa.
The next section is about finding a good accommodation in Italy: here you can find some good questions you should ask to the school you are enrolling in or the estate agency you are dealing with.
The last section is about finding a suitable school for your needs: five questions you should ask before enrolling in a school such as what is the maximum number of students per class? Where do most of the students come from? Will the course be held at school?
Obviously we suggest our Italian language courses at AdG school, but you can find all the information useful also if you are planning to come in Italy and you are going in another school.

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