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Ottobre 2006

Foreigners living in Italy: blogs (1)

cartina d'italiaIn the blog section of the Expats, a site for people who want to move or have moved to Italy, you can find some interesting blogs about Italy and the Italian lifestyle, which have been created by foreigners living in here. One of these is a blog written by Bryan and Valerie, who tell their joys, travails, and bureaucracy problems during their quest to move to Italy from New Mexico. It’s interesting to see the things that they discover in our country and that don’t exist in the US, like the “built in dish drying tray” or their problems with parking the car.
Tina’s blog is interesting if you want to read about the life of a student in Italy: she is now living in Perugia and she describes what happen in her everyday life. This post for example is about a surprise party for her roommate and if you want to know the reason why the food in Italy is so good you can read this post.
The blog of Nan is about living in Venice: on this page you can read her lovestory with Italy and on the right side of the page you can browse among the categories such as “instructions for use”, “vita venexian”, “about Venice”, “worth nothing” and “beyond Venice”. There is also a photo album with good pictures of the town taken by Nan.

3 comments to Foreigners living in Italy: blogs (1)

  • What a compliment that you mentioned my blog – thank you!

  • Bryan

    Living in Italy is a great experience. Our blogs are a fun way to share our experiences with family, friends and those we have never met.
    I like your site!

  • One more thing – I may be moving to Firenze (from Perugia) in January! :-) My roots are Tuscan so this will be easier for me, personally. So stay tuned! I’m still very pleased that my blog has been mentioned, grazie di nuovo.
    Tina the Italian-American che e’ pazza per l’Italia

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