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Settembre 2006

Workshop 2007 on sketchbook, landscape, portrait, sanguine and watercolor

leonardoFor next summer 2007 Accademia del Giglio offers four intensive Art workshops. The courses have a duration of five days for a total amount of 32 hours of tuition. The first workshop, “Sketchbook of Florence and landscape” will start on June 18th: the aim of this course is to help the student to create a sketchbook with memories of the poetry and the magic of Florence and its surroundings. It also includes a one-day excursion by private bus in the countryside of the Chianti region. From June 2nd to 6th the “Portrait workshop” is on the schedule: this course is mainly an intensive study of the physiognomy. Two life models and several copies of classical portraits will be available throughout the workshop in order to let the students create rapid sketches of the essential features of a human face, as well as more elaborate drawings. On July 16th “The sanguine drawing and other classical techniques” workshop will start: this is conceived as a full immersion in the ancient technique of sanguine and charcoal, a voyage of discovery of the renaissance drawing, from Botticelli to Leonardo, from Michelangelo to Raffaello. The last workshop is on the watercolor technique: classes will be held both in studio and outside and they will aim at teaching the secrets and tricks of the watercolor painting, besides enhancing the student’s creativeness and skills through several tests on different kinds of papers.
All the courses are open to beginners and to experienced artists, there is a maximum number of students per workshop and lessons will be held both in English and in Italian. For more detailed information, please visit this webpage.

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