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Luglio 2024

Video: Sketchbook of Florence and Landscape, June 2008

This is the video of the Sketchbook of Florence and Landscape workshop held last week. Next workshop will take place at the end of August with outdoor sessions of drawing and painting in Florence and in the Chianti area. A big “arrivederci” to the students who attended the workshop: Mario, Stephanie, Jennifer, Alexandra and Laura.


Specific Italian language courses in Florence

These courses aim to develop special linguistic skills and a specific terminology area. Classes are held on an individual basis (or in small groups) so the student will have lessons tailored to his/her personal language needs. The learning programme and the timetable can be fitted to the needs of the individual student. Our textbook will […]

Happy Anniversary Accademia del Giglio!

New video of the AdG school, in occasion of the 13th anniversary of the school, today, February 14th 2008.

An Art exhibition will take place with the artworks of the students who are currently attending the Drawing and Painting courses at Accademia del Giglio.

The inauguration will start at 6 pm. The Accademia del Giglio […]

Italian Language courses for beginners in Florence at AdG

Still places available for the Italian language group courses starting on February 7th 2008. Courses will take place in the morning from Monday to Friday. Our courses are aimed at improving your Italian and they are carefully structured to develop your fluency and accuracy. Non-beginner students can start their course on any Monday. It is […]