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Maggio 2013

A Center for Italian Studies in Florence

autori-rettangoloThe Center for Italian Studies is one of the most important departments of Accademia del Giglio, school of Italian in Florence since 1995. The Center offers a wide choice of studies and research activities, as well as cooperation projects with other institutes and universities from all over the world.

The Center arrange programs in interdisciplinary field dealing with the study of the Italian language, literature, art, history, politics, culture and society that are widely recognised and appreciated by the departments of Italian culture of several universities and colleges in the world.

Courses and lectures cover the main topics of Italian literature, culture and society, such as:

  • Italian Literature;
  • Renaissance Studies;
  • Italian Cinema and Theatre;
  • Gender Studies and Minority Issues;
  • Italian Cultural Studies and Area Studies;
  • Italian Women’s Writing;
  • Migration and Post-Colonial Literature in Italy;
  • Linguistic and Socio-linguistic;
  • Italian Issues: Politic, Religion and Mafia

The Center provides a wide range of courses on Dante, Petrarca, Leopardi, Pasolini, Fo, Tabucchi, gender, women and postcolonial Italian Literature, History of Italian Language, Italian Cinema, Italian Politics and Italian Cultural Studies, philological competences on Florentine manuscripts, and specific seminars and workshops on the most important authors and cultural issues and creative writing and poetry seminars with Italian poets and writers.

In order to provide students with an education that prepares them to become really qualified in Italian Studies, The Center offer a direct and personalized tutorship.

Chief of Department is Dr Eleonora Pinzuti (B.A. & M.A., Pg. Dip., Ph. D. University of Florence): her academic interests include Italian philology, contemporary Italian literature, Women’s writing, literary theory and postcolonial theory. She has published essays on Italian and foreign authors and critics (Dessì, Tabucchi, Bassani, Mann, Yourcenar, Proust, Sontag, Corti, Jankélévitch) and she is interested in questions of gender, both in the contemporary and in the medieval context (complete CV and references).

For more info please visit our webpage.

Accademia del Giglio, italian language, art and culture in Florence, Italy.

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