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Maggio 2013

Online Italian language courses with AdG teachers

Learn Italian with our teachers through Skype!

IMG_20130123_110331This kind of courses through distance learning have been purposedly devised for those students who cannot come to Italy or for those who have attended our school and wish to go on studying Italian with their Language teachers once back in their country.

Thanks to our online courses you can take your lessons with one of our teachers as if you were in Italy. Classes are held with the help of modern and easy-access technologies: with just a click you will be online and ready to improve your Italian.

The lesson of conversation will be integrated with online activities (comprehensions, listenings and videos carefully selected according to the student’s level) and exercises always aiming at developing and improving the student’s language skills.

At the end of every lesson the teacher will send the student a brief feedback, where he or she will revise the highlights of the lesson (grammar, vocabulary, expressions and other subjects that have been dealt). On the student’s request the teacher can also send him/her new material for the following lesson, so that he/she can get ready for the next topic.

It is also possible to arrange lessons to develop special linguistic skills and a specific terminology area.

This is what one of online students says:

Taking one-on-one Italian lessons via SKYPE for the past year with ADG has been an extraordinary experience in my learning development – one that has been both enriching and personal. The convenience of logging online from the United States to conference with a language school in the heart of Florence has allowed me to get further in my studies than I otherwise would have. I am fortunate that ADG offers this service where from the Untied States I can take advantage of learning not only from native Florentine speakers, but also from highly accredited instructors.

For further information and fees please visit our webpage or contact us: or +39 05 2302467

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