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Novembre 2012

Intensive Seminars of Italian Language 2013: grammar, conversation and italian with songs

Italian Grammar, conversation and Italian with songs in one-week: intensive, effective and entertaining.

These classes aim at developing your language skills through a complete immersion in the Italian language. A friendly and leisurely atmosphere will help you to get into the various subjects that will be treated throughout the seminar with tested and effective teaching methods.

Italian Grammar Seminar Florence
This course is ideal for studying and revising all the Italian grammar systematically, starting from the articles up to more advanced topic, such as the subjunctive, the tense sequence and the several exceptions of the Italian Language.
From April 29th to May 3rd 2013.

Italian conversation seminar
An in-depth course devised for students who wish to enrich their vocabulary and improve their listening comprehension as well as communication skills through a complete immersion in the everyday spoken Italian.
From May 6th to 10th 2013.

Italian with songs
From May 13th to 17th 2013.
An effective and amusing workshop conceived for developing your language abilities through the listening and text-analysis of several famed Italian songs.

For more detailed information about the Italian language seminars, please visit our webpage or contact Accademia del Giglio at

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