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Giugno 2011

The Watercolor workshop next summer in Florence

Next summer Accademia del Giglio will organize  a Watercolor Workshop in Florence in the following dates:

July 4th – 8th 2011

August 16th – 20th 2011

This course is an in-depth approach to the watercolor technique, a full immersion in the soft and delicate colors of the Florentine buildings, a study of light tones along the river Arno and its historical bridges.

This workshop is meant not only for beginner students who already have some drawing skills and wish to become acquainted with the watercolor technique, but also for those experienced students who are determined to improve and enrich their portfolio. That is why most of the time during classes our teacher will follow every student individually.

Classes will be held both at our academy and outside and they will aim at teaching the secrets and tricks of the watercolor painting, besides enhancing the student’s creativeness and skills through several tests on different kinds of papers (i.e.: dry paper, wet paper and sponged paper).

This 5-day workshop will start on Monday morning and will end on Friday afternoon, for a total amount of 32 hours of tuition, which will include a one-day excursion (approximately 8 hours of en plein air lessons) in the Tuscan countryside. At the end of the course participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

More summer workshops 2010, detailed informations for enrolments and lot more on AdG webpage.

Acquarelli della nostra insegnante Biserka Petrovic

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