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April-May: Art Therapy in Florence

Next April a course in Art Therapy will be held in the premises of Accademia del Giglio, based in Florence.
The course will take place over three weekends, Saturday and Sunday, for five hours each day in in the afternoon/early evening from 2 to 7p. It is possible to choose to enroll in just one or two of the three weekends.

April 16 – 17: Introduction and fundamentals.

April 30 – May 1: Development of themes and techniques.

May 7-8: Deeper exploration of art therapy techniques and practice and variety of applications in both personal life and professional settings.

Course Objectives
Art therapy gives you the chance to use creative processes to express and learn about yourself, giving you tools to help you clarify your life goals and true desires, identify blocks and strategies to jumpstart motivation, help you identify and manage your emotions in a positive way, reduce stress, help build self-esteem and support self-love, and help inspire you.

Using art therapy approaches helps you liberate your creativity without the pressure or self-judgement about your skills or your artistic products, teaching you that the creative act itself is life-enhancing and can bring insight and even healing.

Working individually as well as in groups, the artistic process can help you connect with yourself and also give you opportunities to share with others.

Who the course is designed for
The course is open to those with or without any particular artistic ability or previous experience, and is right for anyone desiring to liberate, enhance or discover their creativity and learn about themselves and enhance their well-being and sense of joy.

It is open to those curious about discovering more about who they are and how to best nurture their creativity and expressive abilities.

It is open to those interested in applying artistic and creative activities in their work and school settings for teaching and offering others the benefits of art therapy techniques in the classroom, seminars, or workshops.

How the course works
During the course we will explore themes such as the primary human need to create and art’s role across cultures & history back to prehistoric times, and what this teaches us about what art can do for us; the bridge between art and spirituality, and how art can be used as a vehicle to connect with the self and the world.

During the course we will understand:
– the power of the creative process and how to best support it;

– how to apply creativity to enhance self-knowledge and thereby also personal and professional effectiveness;

– enhance self-esteem and self confidence through engagement with the creative process;

– build empathy skills through group work and sharing;

– support and engage emotional intelligence;

– learn how to bring benefits of art therapy into one’s personal daily life;

– understand the potential for art as therapy to be a tool in self-realization, relaxation and stress relief, and interpersonal communication.

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