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Febbraio 2008

Soccer quiz!

calcioNow you can take a quiz on the soccer culture. Since we are in “Italia” the Questions will be concentrated on Italian soccer.

1. Who won the last world cup,and in which city was it played?

How many times and in which years was the world cup won by the Italians?

3. Who raised the world cup in 1982 and in which city?

In the A division Italian soccer league how many teams are there?

In reality which Italian region has the most A division teams?

Where can you find the “Giuseppe Maezza” Stadium?

7. “Luigi Ferraris” stadium is home to which Italian teams?

8. Which foreign countries are competing to hold the European cup in 2012 ?

9. Who was the Author of the book “10+”?

10. Who was the last Italian to win the Prize ” The Golden Ball”?

11.Where was Luca Toni Born?

What are the two curves called in Florence’s “Artemio Franchi” stadium?

13. For what team does Marco Materazzi play?

14. How many foreigners and from which countries play for Milan’s “inter” team?

15. Which team is known as the old lady?


1. On July ninth 2006 in Berlin Germany Italy won the world cup.

2. 4 times in Italy 1934, in France 1938, in Spain 1982, in Germany 2006

3. On the July 11,1982, King Juan Carlos of Spain at the Madrid Wolrd Cup Passed the Cup onto Dino Zoff.

4. 20

5. Tuscany, with 4 ( Empoli, Fiorentina, Livorno, And Siena

6. In Milan (San Siro)

7. Genoa And Sampdoria

8. Croatia, Hungry, Poland, and Ucraine

9. Alessandro Del Piero

10. Fabio Cannavero in the year 2006

11. In Pavullo in the provence of Modena

12. Fiesole curve and the Ferrovia Curve

13. Milan’s Inter team

14. 10 countries (argentina 8,Italy 5, Brazil 4, Uraguay 2, France 2, Columbia 1, Greece 1,Portugal 1, serbia 1, Switzerland 1

15. Torino’s Juventus team

This article has been translated from Italian into English by one of the students attending Italian Language classes at AdG. The original version is here. Thanks Garry!

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