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Aprile 2007

Accademia del Giglio’s friends on myspace

adgmyspaceAccademia del Giglio has now a presentation page of the Italian language and Art courses offered by the school on myspace, where our teaching staff regularly publish videos and a small blog with news and information on our classes. However, the best part of myspace page is the possibility to meet people and make friends. We have at the moment nearly 200 friends, constantly growing. The first eight friends that at the moment appear on the profile page are the following:
– Our best friend, the very first one on the list is indie-eye, a unique blog on independent music and cinema, a reference point for our knowledge of the internet. First try and then trust.
Erin was already a friend of us for her interesting blog, a detailed journal on how to get ready before leaving the US for Italy.
– The myspace page of the beautiful blue-eyed Amy is called The Barber’s Gypsy: she is one of the first friends we have met on myspace.
– The goal of Italian americans is to link on myspace Italians and Americans: we had to be there! Between their friends there is a lot of italo-americans people and associations related to this subject.
– We are very proud of the next friend, the Maestro Martin Scorsese: in the photo album you can see interesting pictures of the Maestro on the set.
Lonely Planet Usa, the well-known Australian travel guide doesn’t need to be introduced: the motto of the page is a beautiful sentence on our Country by Anna Akhmatova: “Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”
Milano’s Italian Deli looks like the space of an Italian restaurant in Old Athens, Tennessee: the page is not very clear and it seems to be still under construction but we like the wallpaper with the map of Italy.
Vanna Bonta, actress and writer, is one of our first myspace friends: she made the second comment of our MySpace page.

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  • roberto

    We have received and we are pleased to post some interesting information about Vanna Bonta:

    “Vanna’s poetry and literary work was presented by the city of Florence and Chamber of Poets at the Cassa di Risparmio in Florence. The city has also awarded her medals and awards for poetry.

    Did you know her grandfather is Italian author and poet Luigi Ugolini of Florence (see the IMDB), and the family house is now a historic monument on Viale A. Volta.

    Vanna was baptized in Florence on the exact spot as Dante Alighieri in the famous Baptistery by the Duomo. and Vanna is a Florentine name, from Dante’s La Vita Nuova.”

    Subscribe to Vanna’s myspace blog for occasional messages from Vanna and news update on her work, which includes translation of Italian literature and movie developments. “

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