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Novembre 2006

What about… shopping?

Logo Esercizi StoriciAs you probably know, besides art, history and culture, on of Florence highlights is shopping. If you come to Florence for a short holiday you cannot help but visiting the Uffizi Gallery or the Cathedral with the Brunelleschi’s Dome and you must go for a walk on the Ponte Vecchio.
What you probably do not know is that also several shops in Florence have their own histories and they have been getting more famous over the years, representing a symbol of the city’s traditions and a place where people can buy genuine products as they used to do in the past. Some of them look very old fashioned, because obviously they are really old and they are like a piece of the city history. That’s why here you can breath the atmosphere of the past and you can come in and live in the time-honoured Florence.
If you want to get more information visit this pretty website, called, which in Italian means “historical shops”. Here you will find all the old shops of Florence listed in different categories: choose the category you are interested in and then read the information about the shop you prefer. If you like the shop and its history, maybe you have found a different way of buying souvenirs and of visiting the city!

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