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Sculpture workshop in Florence next June and August

bassorilievoAccademia del Giglio, (Art school in the heart of Florence, Italy) is organizing next summer two seminars on Sculpture techniques on the following dates:

June 10th – 14th 2013
August 26th – 30th 2013

This is an intensive in-depth study of the main techniques of sculpture with clay: 30 hours of tuition in 5 days, from Monday to Friday.

The workshop is meant to those artists whose aim is to discover the fundamentals of the sculpture and improve their manual skills. Through a hands-on approach students will easily learn how to “see” and “build” their material piece of work.


Bas-relief is a sculpture technique that is mainly used for decoration and that allows to create a projecting image with a shallow overall depth. Students will learn how to design and make up the background, how to create a three-dimensional composition also by using perspective and deepness effects.

Sculpture in the round

Sculpture in the round is a technique which allows to accomplish a fully three-dimensional figure completely detached from its background. The peculiarity of these kind of works is that they can be observed from any point of view. During the seminar our Art teacher will show the students how to build the skeleton of the composition and afterwards how to create the entire sculpture by adding clay to the supporting structure.

The Coil technique

The coil (or “colombino”) technique was already used in the ancient times to make vases, cups and other round clay containers. Students will learn to build ceramic forms by rolling out coils of clay and joining them together, either manually or with a specific tool. Students will then be able to create artistic objects: not only vases, but also busts, half-length portraits and other kinds of sculptures.

Classes will be held by Ms Ombretta Piazzini.

For enrolments and more detailed information about our Drawing and Painting Seminars and Art courses in Florence, please visit our webpage or contact the admission office at adg.assistance(@)

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