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Alekandra Mir’s “The How not to Cookbook” in London

Bistrotheque and The Centre for the Aesthetic Revolution are happy to invite you to Bistrotheque’s Bar on Friday October 15, 8pm to 12 pm to celebrate the launch of

ALEKSANDRA MIR’S ‘The How Not To Cookbook’
assume vivid astro focus’ retrospective book
Informal drinks at Bistrotheque’s Bar
Dj Papichulo and special guests!
Book signing and books for sale at special price from 8 to 10pm!

Bistrotheque, 23-27 Wadeson Street, London  E2 9DR
Telephone+44 (0)20 8983 7900

Aleksandra Mir’s ‘The How Not To Cookbook’
Learn what not to do in the kitchen from this hilarious collection of real advice by real people. Sometimes the best way to learn is to make mistakes. That’s the premise of this book—a sort of anti-cookbook. Fed up with our prevailing food culture of patronizing celebrity chefs with their rigid and often impossible instructions, Aleksandra Mir started a website to invite real people to send in their kitchen disaster stories, so that the rest of us could benefit from their experience. The result was a viral Internet phenomenon. Home cooks from around the world streamed in with advice. One thousand of their tips were then collected in this humorous and ultimately heartening and cathartic book.

The first book on the artist collective known for their raucous multimedia installations. assume vivid astro focus has been dazzling the art world since 1994 with its exuberant, visually spectacular room-size installations. Created out of recycled and appropriated imagery from a wide range of sources—such as unicorn tapestries, children’s stickers, pages from gay porn magazines, album covers, Buddhist thangka paintings, and street graffiti, to name a few—the finished works can feel like a cross between a ’70s disco, Brazilian Carnival, and a kaleidoscopic version of Andy Warhol’s Factory. This volume, their first, will include elements featured in their installations, which are known for the many “give-aways” the artists provide the visitors, like a poster and a mask designed by avaf. assume vivid astro focus is spectacularly illustrated with 270 images, including three gatefolds, and complemented by insightful text revealing the concepts, beliefs, and practices of this extraordinary artist collective.

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