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Art Therapy & Art as Therapy – Workshop 2010 in Florence

Next June Accademia del Giglio will organize a workshop in Art Therapy from June 14th to 18th.

What is art? Who is an artist? In this course we will begin an inquiry into the roots and dynamics of the creative process and its cross-cultural locus in the heart of what it means to be human, make meaning, and connect the inner and the outer worlds. We will answer the question, “What can psychology contribute to art and the artist?

Humans have expressed themselves with symbols throughout history. Art therapy combines the artist’s understanding of this nature in creative expression with the therapist’s understanding of how the creative process can foster growth, healing, and help us connect with ourselves in positive ways.

In this class, we will explore through hands-on exercises, readings, discussions, and individual and group workshops how art-as-therapy can provide the client-artist with critical insight into emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and how art can be both a way of knowing as well as a way of communicating.

In this course, we will look at how creativity can enhance our level of self-actualization, or what psychology identifies as our true potential to thrive, as our guide to help each student begin to tap into their potential and become more self-motivated, self-determined, more balanced, and more joyful. The bigger themes we will explore will be the meaning of art for culture, the integration of art and religion, and the changing role of the artist– from shaman & visionary to crafts person, genius or celebrity– & how we personally see ourselves and our work fit in this vast history.

We will be able to experience first hand some of the key benefits of the art therapy process, which include:

· development of emotional intelligence;

· self-discovery;

· personal fulfilment;

· empowerment and relaxation;

· communication skills;

· stress management and physiological symptom relief.

We will also consider how art therapy may relate to our studio practices, and ways that using art-as-therapy has potential for non-clinical settings like schools, art studios, and workshops that foster creativity and personal development.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand the processes and roles of creative expression across time and cultures.

2. The use of the creative process to enhance self-awareness and professional competence.

3. The development of self-confidence in personal modes of expression and art practice.

4. The use of creative experiences to build empathy.

5. The development of intuitive processes in interpersonal interactions.

6. The exploration of a range of applications for art therapy.

7. The development of skills in using creative processes to build consciousness, communication, and personal and communal modes of creating meaning and identity.

You will collect a personal portfolio during the course which will include:

– All of the art pieces we make during class.

– A visual journal, created outside of class. Your visual journal should consist of a minimum of 15 drawings/artworks made outside of class during the semester. Your journal should consist of drawings, collages, or paintings created with the purpose of expressing emotions, gaining insight, self-soothing, and/or exploring a personal issue. Some suggested starting places:

· how I feel right now;

· artist in Society;

· a current conflict or problem;

· a current relationship;

· a memory;

· a dream;

· a hope for the future;

· a self-soothing image.

– A written reflection on each art piece, including art made in class and art made outside of class in your visual journal.

More summer workshops 2010, price information, registration procedures and lot more on AdG webpage.

2 comments to Art Therapy & Art as Therapy – Workshop 2010 in Florence

  • Anna

    Who is teaching this course?

  • roberto balò

    Hello Anna!
    Here are some infos about the instructor: Ms Andi Nufer.

    Andi is an accomplished artist and educator with international experience. She completed her Master’s of Fine Art at Stanford University in California, where she served first as a Fine Art teaching assistant and later as a Drawing Instructor. Andi’s work has won numerous awards and has been featured at galleries and venues across the US. Curious to understand the roots of creativity and human nature from a deeper level, Andi won a scholarship for the Master’s in Art Therapy program at The Art Institute of Chicago where she deepened her knowledge of emotional intelligence and how art has contributed to individual and cultural identity and development. She has worked as a therapist and artist in community settings, hospital programs, and public and therapeutic school programs in the US and in Italy. Andi loves sharing a passion for art’s power to create meaning, bridge art and life’s ordinary moments, and connect the self and the world in our Art Therapy Intensive Workshop, where she nurtures each student’s individual interests and vision.

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