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Corsi d’arte a Firenze/Art Courses in Florence


Center for Italian Studies

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T come trabocchetto: al bar

Sì, purtroppo l’Italia è anche il paese delle truffe e dei trabocchetti. Ce ne sono di ogni tipo. Noi oggi parleremo delle “trappole” al bar e soprattutto di come evitarle. Allora, siete in Italia, state visitando una città e avete voglia di riposarvi un po’ mettendovi a sedere in un bar per gustarvi un caffè […]

Italians make it better

Italians make it better. We are talking about coffee of course. From the north to the south of the country coffee is a daily ritual which no Italian would ever abandon. There are two ways of making coffee: with an espresso machine and with a moka express. Espresso machines are normally used by professional baristas […]

Have fun with Florenceforfun!

If you are coming to Florence before leaving your country you should have a look to the Florenceforfun website. Its name can be a little bit misleading, because its pages are not only full of information on leisure activities and entertainment in Florence, but they turn out to be essential also for living and travelling […]