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Center for Italian Studies

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Online Italian Language courses with AdG teachers

Now you can study Italian at your place with the Accademia del Giglio online courses in Italian language. These courses are perfect for those students who are not able to come to Italy and for those who have already attended Italian classes in our school and wish to go on with their language studies after going back to their countries.

Thanks to our online courses you can take your lessons with one of our teachers as if you were in Italy. Classes are held with the help of modern and easy-access technologies: with just a click you will be online and ready to improve your Italian.

Lessons will be integrated with conversation, exercises, reading and listening comprehensions, as well as videos, always according to your level of knowledge of Italian and to your specific language needs. During the lesson you will also able to use material from our blog, which currently counts over 800 articles in Italian for foreigners. It is also possible to arrange lessons to develop special linguistic skills and a specific terminology area.

Find more infos on our webpage and contact us (adg.assistance@gmail.com) if you have any question.

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